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About our Italian language school

Kristin Fisher

Kristin Fisher (USA)

“The Italian language school BABILONIA is truly a dream. From the staff and management who are absolute angels to the wonderful, simply amazing teachers, all in a fabulous place like Taormina … what more could you ask for? I had the great fortune to spend two weeks here for teacher training course and it was the best professional development I have ever had in my career as a teacher. If you have a chance to come here, do it – everything about this place is NUMERO UNO!”
(Kristin Fischer, USA)

Why choose our Italian language school?

Are you tired of learning grammar rules and not being able to converse with Italian native speakers?!

Our Italian courses and programs are designed with this in mind: offering you a fuller learning and cultural experience to allow you to be not just a simple tourist but a real lover of the Italian language and culture!

Italian language courses in group & private Italian one-to-one lessons

Intensive and full-immersion courses in Italy

Italian courses in group

Italian language courses in group
Learning Italian, the most beautiful language in the world. During our group course you will learn Italian in a relaxed, fun and joyful environment with people of all ages from all over the world.


Private lesson
Our private lessons are tailored to your specific needs and your requests. Get the most out of your Italian private lessons by having a certified Italian teacher focused only on you!

Quality First!

Accredited Italian language school
Your money is important so don’t waste money on a school with no accreditations. Our Italian language school is nationally and internationally accredited. Check it out!

Best Italian Teachers

Italian language on line
All our teachers are certified by the University for Foreigners of Perugia with a DILS level II in Teaching Italian as a Second Language. And, as well as being professional, they are a lot of fun too!

Italian language courses & study holidays in Italy

Italian courses + Cooking

Italian classes plus cooking
Studying Italian without eating Italian? Simply impossible! Make your Italian course more fun by combining an Italian language course with one of our cooking programs!

Italian courses + Ceramic decors

Pottery and ceramic decoration in Sicily
Dive into Sicilian history! Sicily has been producing ceramics since the Carthaginians and the Greeks conquered the Island of the Sun. Be part of an experience that is more than 2,500 years old!

Italian courses + Hiking & Trekking

Hiking and trekking in Sicily
A language is the result of its territory. Explore the beautiful nature and landscape of Sicily during your study stay in Taormina for your Italian language course. Mens sana in corpore sano!

Italian courses + Diving

Diving in Sicily
An Italian language course in Sicily, a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, scuba-diving in a sea full of history and marine archaeology…
What else?!

Italian courses + Outdoor Sports

You can’t sit still and you can’t relax just by reading a book. You need to be running, biking, canoeing, canyoning… Just a few things you can enjoy, all while you are studying Italian with us!

Italian courses + Golf

Do you want to get away from the crowd and be immersed in the peaceful silence of a golf course with a spectacular view of Etna and the Mediterranean Sea? This is for you!

Italian culture courses

Italian literature, history, art history and cinema programs


Italian literature courses
Did you know that Sicily has two Nobel Prizes in Literature? Did you know that Dante and the Stilnovisti were influenced by the poets of the Sicilian School in the court of Frederick II in Palermo?


Italian history courses
Given its location in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea and its commerce routes, Sicily has historically attracted the interest of the main Mediterranean civilizations that ended up conquering it.


Italian art history of Sicily programs
Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards… these are the main civilizations that have ruled over the centuries in Sicily. And they all left behind the most beautiful art masterpieces!

Italian for specific purposes

Business & Executive courses

Business & executive courses
Do you need to study Italian to improve your vocabulary and language skills in the field of law, finance, architecture, medicine, and do it with an Italian colleague in your same field?

Commercial correspondence

Commercial correspondance in italian
If you have business relations with Italian companies and commercial partners and you need to be able to correspond with them in Italian.
We are here to help you!

Italian online courses

Italian language on line
Bring us closer! Now you can learn Italian as if you were with us in Italy, without leaving your living room! Our Italian language school offers online Italian lessons saving you the cost of a trip abroad.

What students say about us
  • BABILONIA is truly a dream. From the staff and management who are absolute angels to the wonderful, simply amazing teachers, all in a fabulous place like Taormina ... what more could you ask for? I had the great fortune to spend two weeks there for teacher training course (through AATI) and it was the best professional development I have ever had in my career as a teacher. ❤ If you have a chance to come here, do it – everything about this place is NUMERO UNO!
    BABILONIA is truly a dream
    Kristin Fisher
  • Babilonia è molto più che italiano; è un'esperienza unica, un ricordo incancellabile.
    Un ricordo incancellabile
    Regi Carrasco (Spagna, Corso semistandard, estate 2014)
  • Sono stata in tutto il mondo per studiare lingue (spagnolo e italiano) e, secondo me, nessuno è meglio di loro.
    Sono stata in tutto il mondo per studiare lingue…
    Lisa Cherivtch (USA, 02.07 – 11.07.2014)
  • The school is extremely well run. I’d like to suggest some improvements but I can’t think of any. A great place to learn Italian in a friendly atmosphere with professional and dedicated teachers and staff.
    The school is extremely well run…
    Mark Holden (UK, corso standard plus 30.06 – 11.07.2014)
  • Ho imparato molto in queste 8 settimane, più di quanto non abbia imparato in altre scuola. Gli insegnanti sono incredibili: intelligenti, creativi e gentili.
    Ho imparato molto in queste 8 settimane…
    Nicholas Di Benedetto (USA, corso standard 19.05 – 11.07.2014)
  • If Taormina was an oyster, Babilonia would be the pearl!
    If Taormina was an oyster
    Olivia Cave

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Learn Italian in Italy – Italian Courses in Sicily

Italian language school

Welcome to the website of BABILONIA – Italian in Italy language courses & study abroad programs in Italy.

Is learning Italian in Italy and studying Italian in Sicily your dream? From the many Italian language schools in Italy and many Italian courses, are you looking for study abroad programs and Italian courses in Sicily? If from a wide choice of Italian language schools in Italy, you want to take an Italian course in Sicily and , at the same time, have the chance to explore and experience life on this beautiful island, then you have got the right website! Keep on reading to find out more about our Center for Italian Studies and our Italian language courses in Taormina, Sicily and click here to watch a video about Taormina and our school.

Learn Italian in Italy and take part in the full immersion Italian courses we offer: group Italian language courses or private Italian courses. Our Italian language school in Taormina, Sicily, offers Italian classes from one week up to one year! And with the Italian language courses, you will be also offered a weekly social and cultural activity program and free assistance in finding accommodation in Taormina.

If, in addition to learning Italian in Italy and a full immersion study abroad stay, you also want a fuller cultural experience in Sicily, you can choose our Italian plus courses and combine them with our Italian language courses:

Or, maybe you prefer something more active, dynamic, sporty? Then choose from our Italian plus sport activities:

On the other hand, if you need Italian for specific purposes, we also offer:

Our Italian language programs are officially recognized by MIUR – State Department/Ministry of Research and Education, A.S.I.L.S, I.A.L.C and our Italian courses are approved by University For Foreigners Of Perugia as an Official Exam Centre for CELI Exams – University “Ca’ Foscari” of Venice as an authorized language centre for the apprenticeship of ITALS Master for teachers of Italian as a foreign/second language.

The Italian language courses at our school can be the beginning of an unforgettable journey around Sicily. From Taormina, it is very easy to get to Syracuse, Mount Etna, the Aeolian Islands, Catania, Piazza Armerina and Noto. Travelling further afield to Palermo, Selinunte, Segesta, Agrigento, Erice and so many more treasures of Sicily. Click on our webpages of Taormina and Sicily to find out more about history, culture, traditions of our town and region. And get here more information on how to get to Taormina.

Enrolling in our Italian courses in Taormina is very easy. Please follow this link

We would love to welcome you to our Italian language school in Taormina, Sicily for an unforgettable cultural and learning experience.

Official accreditations for our italian language courses for foreigners

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Associazione delle scuole di italiano come lingua seconda


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Università per stranieri Perugia – sede ufficiale esami CELI

Università “Ca’ Foscari” di Venezia


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