Full-immersion programs in Sicily.


Learning Italian in Italy is always your ideal option! Any foreign language is best learnt in the country where it is spoken. When you are choosing your Italian language course, we would recommend always verifying the quality certifications of the school beforehand.

When a school is accredited by national or international third parties or is a member of a national or international association, it means that the school has successfully passed a series of inspections. These inspections test the quality of the school’s staff, organization, teaching methods, teachers and legal conformity –  all things that are essential in ensuring quality for you, its customers.

Disregard courses that are offered in hotels, country-houses and in places where there are not even sufficient classes to guarantee all language levels as set out by the European Framework for languages, from level A1 to level C2. Be very careful and selective about courses offered by makeshift “schools”.

Would you trust a dentist working from an unauthorized dental studio? Would you take your car to a mechanic who repairs cars in his own garage?

Your time and money are precious so it’s better to spend them on quality service! Certifications and accreditations are there to guarantee you a service that is clear and professional and that legally offers you everything it should.

Now you have all the information required to choose your Italian course in Italy! Do not hesitate to contact us for information or requests.

Study Italian, discover Sicily!



Italian courses in Italy for adults
Are you a traveller over 50? Discover the fantastic experience of an Italian course in Italy for seniors by joining a beautiful holiday in Sicily