Full immersion Italian courses in Italy

italian language course in group


Our Italian language courses are open to students of all ages and nationalities.
Classes are multi-cultural and multi-age, and lessons are taught in Italian from day one! All class levels are available, from the A0 level (absolute beginner) to C2 level, in conformity with the European Framework for Languages.
Our Italian language courses have different formats and last from minimum our week up to one year!

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Check our private lessons options if you prefer to have a teacher completely devoted to you during your Italian language courses.

Indeed, a private course will intensify your learning process, especially if your time availability is limited.

On top of that, your lessons can be tailored to your specific interests, needs, and goals.

And, if you are with your friends, soul mate, or colleague, you can consider a 2-to-1 course too!

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Other Italian language courses in Italy

Italian language extra courses


If you are keen on expanding your learning experience beyond the Italian language course, we have a variety of Italian plus programs for you: cooking classes, food & wine programs, diving experiences, ceramic decoration lessons, hiking tours, etc.

Learning a language is also about learning about a culture, and our Italian plus programs are there to immerse yourself in our language and culture fully.

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Italian language course for seniors


“The Island of the Sun” program is a social and cultural activity program to be added to our Italian language courses and is primarily geared toward 50+ students.

Your Italian language course will be taught in a multi-cultural and multi-aged class. Still, the social and cultural activity senior program “The Island of the Sun” is open only to the senior students.

This program aims to allow knowing and exploring as much as possible about Sicily in only two weeks.

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italian language home tuition


Rather than attending a course at school, would you like to be hosted and study at your teacher’s home to experience the everyday life of an Italian family? This program is then for you.

Not only will you be immersed in the daily life of an Italian family, but you will be immersed in the Sicilian countryside.

Our teacher’s family lives, in fact, in a countryside home, and you will be hosted in a fully catered independent studio cottage in the middle of their Mediterranean garden!

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You have no time to travel to Italy but still looking for a native speaker qualified Italian teacher to learn Italian? Here we are! We will virtually sit next to you, comfortably at your place, for your Italian lessons.

Our online Italian courses are individual private courses, and therefore your Italian lessons can be tailored to your specific interests, needs, and goals.

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Italian Language CELI exam preparation


An official Internationally recognized language certification is always a vital document to add to your CV.

Our schools offer CELI exam preparation courses and the possibility to take the CELI exams directly a tour school on the scheduled official exam dates.

The CELI Certification is the official certification administrated by the University for Foreigners of Perugia, one of Italy’s three official Italian language certifications!

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Italian language culture course


Sicily is an island in an ocean of history, art, and culture! Our Italian culture courses focus on the Sicilian Writers in Italian literature, the Art History of Sicily, the History of the Mediterranean Civilisations in Sicily, and on Cinema in Sicily and Sicily in Cinema.

➡ Discover the enormous cultural heritage in Sicily and touch it by hand!



Have you business relations with Italian companies? Does your company want to expand or intensify its business in Italy? Are you a business, a lawyer, an architect, or a doctor who needs Italian, or do you want to add the knowledge of the Italian language to your professional curriculum? Our courses for special purposes will help you with that!

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Our usual time table *
08:30 – 09:25Private lessons
09:30 – 11:00Group courses: language analysis session
11:00 – 11:30Coffee break
11:30 – 13:00Group courses: communicative task session
13:00 – 14:00Lunch break
14:00 – 14:55Private lessons and Intensive or Culture or Extra courses
15:00 – 15:55Private lessons and Intensive or Culture or Extra courses

*This time-table may change according to the school’s organizational needs.
On rare occasions (e.g. high season) Group Classes may be scheduled in the afternoon (14:00 – 15:30 / 16:00 – 17:30).

The price of the course includes

  • Welcome pack
  • Entry test
  • Social and cultural activities program
  • Teaching materials
  • Internet access and WI-FI
  • StudentCard
  • Insurance
  • Certificate


Why an Italian language course in Italy?

Attending an Italian language course in Italy is always the ideal option! Any foreign language is best learned in the country where it is spoken. If your goal is to speak Italian as the Italians do, you can’t do without a full-immersion course in Italy and dive into the Italian language. And, what’s best than an intensive Italian language course for foreigners in Italy?!
Where else could you best learn and practice everyday expressions, idiomatic phrases, and practical use of the language in Italian if not in Italy?! Where else could you learn to speak with your entire body, with your hands and face, and talking one over the other?! 😊
Enroll in one of our Italian language courses, and we will give you all the needed tools to become a perfect Italian speaker!

Best Italian language courses in Italy.

When you choose your intensive Italian language course, make sure that the school you are enrolling in is provided with all quality certifications.
When a school is accredited by national or international third parties or is a member of a national or international association, the school has successfully passed a series of inspections. These inspections test the quality of the school’s staff, organization, teaching methodsteachers, and legal conformity – all things that are essential in ensuring quality for you, its customers. But, watch out, not all certifications mean that a third independent body has inspected the school. Some of these certifications are pretty self-referential and provide a “label” just for subscribing to the labeling organization with no school inspection at all!

Your time and money are precious, so it’s better to spend them on quality service! Certifications and accreditations are there to guarantee you a clear and professional service, respectful of all legal and professional requirements.

Italian language courses in Italy for foreigners

There is a huge difference between taking an Italian language course in your own country and taking an Italian course in Italy.
Living in Italy for a certain amount of time, being fully immersed in the Italian language and culture, diving into the Italian lifestyle, being surrounded by the Italian language will boost your skills in Italian more than any other course at home you may take. If you want to switch from theoretical and passive knowledge of the Italian language into active and real use of the language, there is no other possible way to achieve that goal.
Moreover, our Italian language courses are attended by an international audience of people from all over the world whose primary intention is to speak in Italian! Being with students who do not speak your language will also force you to use Italian in your social life! On top of that, our teachers will not use any other language than Italian in class! How could you ever learn Italian if teachers and students speak your language in class?!

How long shall I attend an intensive Italian language course in Italy?

There is no perfect answer for that, but the honest answer is that the more you will be immersed in a full-immersion Italian course, the most fluent you will get. A long-term Italian language course is always a good choice for those who want to achieve satisfying outcomes. Nonetheless, not everyone enjoys the benefit of time availability, so the truth is that even a one-week crash course in Italy is still beneficial even though we recommend a minimum language immersion of two or three weeks at least.
Generally speaking, after two or three weeks of full exposure to the language, our students start to automatically think in Italian, no matter if for the simplest things, and sometimes even dream in Italian. If you have the privilege of time and six months or even a one-year Italian language course in Italy, this would be ideal to become a perfectly fluent speaker in Italian and easily understand a book, an article in a newspaper or magazine, and even a movie!

An Italian language course in a group or private lessons?

Both an intensive Italian language course in a group or private lessons with a qualified Italian teacher are highly effective in terms of final results.
If you cannot make your mind, focus on the fact that an Italian language course in a group might be more fun (sharing the learning experience in a group of international students) and less expensive. On the other hand, private lessons can be more easily tailor-made on your specific goals, your own pace, and way of learning, even though the cost of a one o hour lesson will be higher than the cost of one hour lesson in a group.

How long will it take me to learn Italian in Italy?

Just as “Rome was not built in a day”, likewise “Italian cannot be learned in a week”! 😊
But, most importantly, to answer this crucial question, you must also consider that each of us has our learning timing, learning way, and learning style when studying a foreign language. And, just as in playing music or sports, part of it also depends on your natural talent in learning a foreign language.

Will there be the correct Italian language level for me?

Our Italian language courses are structured according to the European Framework for languages, from basic Italian language course (A0 level), through the intermediate Italian language courses, to the high-advanced Italian language courses (C2 level). When you finalize your course enrolment, we will send you an online assessment test to know more about your knowledge of the Italian language.

Will I be able to combine an extra course with my Italian language course?

Definitely, yes! Our Italian language school offers a wide variety of Italian plus programs, Italian culture courses, exam preparation programs, and courses for specific purposes. Check them out on their webpage links on this website.
These courses and programs can be easily combined with our Italian language courses and are an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and the Italian culture and practice your Italian in real-life situations!
Do not miss this opportunity to get the best out of your language stay in Taormina, Sicily!

What about a homestay language course?

If you long for a different experience and be actively part of the daily life of an Italian family, why don’t you take advantage of our “Live and Study in Your Teacher’s Home” program? This program is a fantastic opportunity to be fully immersed in Italian family life, fully exposed to the Italian language, and get daily private tuition tailored to your needs. Be part of a new way of learning Italian in Italy!

Is this information about our Italian language courses not enough yet? No worries! Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or requests. We will welcome you with a fast answer and a big smile!