Full immersion Italian courses in Italy

italian language course in group


Our Italian language courses are open to students of all ages and nationalities.
Classes are multi-cultural and multi-age, and lessons are taught in Italian from day one! All class levels are available, from the A0 level (absolute beginner) to C2 level, in conformity with the European Framework for Languages.
Our Italian language courses have different formats and last from minimum our week up to one year!

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Check our private lessons options if you prefer to have a teacher completely devoted to you during your Italian language courses.

Indeed, a private course will intensify your learning process, especially if your time availability is limited.

On top of that, your lessons can be tailored to your specific interests, needs, and goals.

And, if you are with your friends, soul mate, or colleague, you can consider a 2-to-1 course too!

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Italian language extra courses


If you are keen on expanding your learning experience beyond the Italian language course, we have a variety of Italian plus programs for you: cooking classes, food & wine programs, diving experiences, ceramic decoration lessons, hiking tours, etc.

Learning a language is also about learning about a culture, and our Italian plus programs are there to immerse yourself in our language and culture fully.

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Italian language course for seniors


“The Island of the Sun” program is a social and cultural activity program to be added to our Italian language courses and is primarily geared toward 50+ students.

Your Italian language course will be taught in a multi-cultural and multi-aged class. Still, the social and cultural activity senior program “The Island of the Sun” is open only to the senior students.

This program aims to allow knowing and exploring as much as possible about Sicily in only two weeks.

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You have no time to travel to Italy but still looking for a native speaker qualified Italian teacher to learn Italian? Here we are! We will virtually sit next to you, comfortably at your place, for your Italian lessons.

Our online Italian courses are individual private courses, and therefore your Italian lessons can be tailored to your specific interests, needs, and goals.

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Italian Language CELI exam preparation


An official Internationally recognized language certification is always a vital document to add to your CV.

Our schools offer CELI exam preparation courses and the possibility to take the CELI exams directly a tour school on the scheduled official exam dates.

The CELI Certification is the official certification administrated by the University for Foreigners of Perugia, one of Italy’s three official Italian language certifications!

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Italian language culture course


Sicily is an island in an ocean of history, art, and culture! Our Italian culture courses focus on the Sicilian Writers in Italian literature, the Art History of Sicily, the History of the Mediterranean Civilisations in Sicily, and on Cinema in Sicily and Sicily in Cinema.

➡ Discover the enormous cultural heritage in Sicily and touch it by hand!



Have you business relations with Italian companies? Does your company want to expand or intensify its business in Italy? Are you a business, a lawyer, an architect, or a doctor who needs Italian, or do you want to add the knowledge of the Italian language to your professional curriculum? Our courses for special purposes will help you with that!

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Our usual time table *
08:30 – 09:25Private lessons
09:30 – 11:00Group courses: global approach session
11:00 – 11:30Coffee break
11:30 – 13:00Group courses: analytical approach session
13:00 – 14:00Lunch break
14:00 – 14:55Private lessons and Intensive or Culture or Extra courses
15:00 – 15:55Private lessons and Intensive or Culture or Extra courses

*This time-table may change according to the school’s organizational needs.
On rare occasions (e.g. high season) Group Classes may be scheduled in the afternoon (14:00 – 15:30 / 16:00 – 17:30).
The price of the course includes
  • Welcome pack
  • Entry test
  • Social and cultural activities program
  • Teaching materials
  • Internet access and WI-FI
  • StudentCard
  • Insurance
  • Certificate