Italian literature courses – the sicilian writers in the Italian literature

Italian literature programs: The contribution of the Sicilian writers to Italian literature has been huge since the beginning of the history of the Italian language

About our Italian literature programs: Already at the time of Dante Alighieri there was a discussion among academics about which should be the national Italian language: the one of the Sicilian writers and poets of the royal court of Frederick II in Palermo (Cielo d’Alcamo, Jacopo da Lentini, etc.) or the one of the royal court of the Medici in Florence. Then the Divine Comedy by Dante arrived and put an end to the discussion. But it is in Sicily that the national theater has its origins, with the tragedies written here by Aeschylus, Euripedes, Aristophane. It is here that the genius of Archimedes anticipated the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. And it was the Sicilian culture of the Magna Grecia that fed the Etruscan civilization, first, and the Latin civilization, afterwards, leading Rome to become “Caput Mundi”.

Two of the Nobel Prizes for literature were Sicilians: Pirandello and Quasimodo. But many others are the Sicilian writers who are fundamental in the history of the Italian literature: Verga, Capuana, Rosso di San Secondo and Tomasi di Lampedusa. Likewise, today, the contributions of Sicily and the contemporary Sicillian writers in Italian literature are immense: Vittorini, Sciascia, Bufalino, Consolo and Camilleri.

Sicilians have also contributed music: from the “cantastorie” telling the stories of the French Paladins to the Opera composer Vincenzo Bellini.

Since 1992, we have passionately dedicated ourselves to promoting our Sicilian heritage and culture along with the study of the Italian language. We strive to offer opportunities for learners of Italian language to also become learners of the Italian culture and Italian life.

A language is not the result of a set of grammar rules. A language is the result of a culture and its traditions, its history, its life style and its places. If you want a full cultural experience in Sicily, and be a traveller, not just a tourist, you can combine an Italian language course in group or Italian private lessons with:

From the writers of the Greek and Roman Age to the Arab poets, from the poets of the court of Frederick II to the Veristi and the contemporary, including Verga, Capuana, Pirandello, Quasimodo, Vittorini, Sciascia, Bufalino and Camilleri

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Taormina is perfectly situated to offer Italian language students easy access to the beautiful and historically important treasures of Sicily: the right place for combining study and holidays.

We wish to welcome you soon in Taormina, Sicily and give you the opportunity to discover our island so full of history, so full of culture, so full of inspiration!