Studying Italian in Italy
for a safe study-stay in Taormina, Sicily
Health & safety first!

Dear Friends and Students,

we went through a long period of closure dictated by the Government provisions and legal obligations related to the need to limit the spread of the pandemic.

It has been a tough period that has tested the strength and resilience of all of us. Now the restrictions on freedom of movement and socialization have been softened and it is again possible to return to travel and, as far as we are concerned, to come to Taormina, Sicily to study Italian and enjoy an unforgettable learning and cultural experience.

It is therefore with great joy that we confirm that our face-to-face courses will start again from Monday 31 August. It will be fundamental, however, to comply with all the provisions of the law and some additional voluntary precautions to ensure greater safety for all.

Not everything will be as before, it will be necessary to respect some important rules but the safety and health of our students and all those who work in our school are our top priority!

Our school is strongly committed to guaranteeing its students, collaborators, staff and teachers the highest safety standards in order to protect everyone’s health.

In compliance with the provisions and recommended by the WHO, the ISS, the DPCM and Law Decrees of the National government and the ordinances of the Sicily Region (in particular the Guidelines for the reopening of Economic, Productive and Recreational Activities) and the various protocols drawn up by associations and organizations that deal with hospitality and accommodation in tourism, we have developed a Health Safety Protocol.

The professionalism and passion of our team will ensure that all the legal requirements will be implemented, without this affecting the quality of that study-stay at our school. Furthermore, the large outdoor areas of our garden will allow us to easily guarantee compliance with all the rules of social distancing envisaged.

All our teachers and all our staff have followed a specific course on “Regulation of measures for the contrast and containment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus” and have been appropriately trained on the correct application of the new procedures and management of any emergency situation. We are happy to add that, to date, no Covid cases have been registered in the city of Taormina. On the other end, of course, all members of our staff and all our teachers have scrupulously followed the severe lockdown measures imposed by the Italian government in the last months.

Here is the list of measures adopted in our Health Safety Protocol in order to guarantee the highest standards in safety and health of our students and all those who work in our school.

Health Safety Protocol

Updating of the Risk Assessment Document

The DVR (Risk Assessment Document) is a document that represents the mapping of health and safety risks and is an obligation dictated by the Law on Safety at Work (articles 17 and 28).
The DVR (Risk Assessment Document) was first introduced into Italian legislation by d. lgs. 626/1994.
After the pandemic breaks out, all companies, offices, schools must have an updated version. The DVR (Risk Assessment Document) must contain all the procedures for the implementation of prevention and protection measures and the roles of those who must implement them (ref. link)
All schools have always had to have it by law and will have to have it updated now.

Constitution of the Company Committee for the Application and Verification of the Health Safety Protocol

A Committee for the Application and Verification of the Health Safety Protocol
has been set up in the company with the participation of the Head of the Prevention and Protection service (RSPP), the competent Doctor and the Workers’ Representative for Safety (RLS / RLST) in order to minimize the hygiene-health risk related to Covid 19 (ref. link)

Certificate of Sanitation

The week before the reopening of the school, we will sanitize all the school premises with a company authorized to issue the Certificate of Sanitation .
As per the Directives and Protocols issued to limit the spread of COVID-19 which frequently refer to the term “Sanitization”, it is to be understood that the sanitization activity is regulated by Legislative Decree 01/31/2007 n ° 7 and Law Decree 07/07/1997 n ° 274 and can only be carried out by Authorized Companies registered in the Chamber of Commerce and with specific technical-professional requirements.

Ozone-generator machine for sanitizing processes

Our school has equipped itself with a machine for sanitizing with ozone processes.
Every evening, at the end of the lessons, all the classes in which lessons were held and all the environments used by our staff and teachers will be sanitized using the ozone generator (AIROZON 28 ECO).

What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?

• Cleaning consists in removing dust, residues, dirt from surfaces, is carried out with detergents and mechanical means and also removes part of pathogenic contaminants

• Sanitation consists of thorough cleaning with substances capable of removing or reducing pathogens on objects and surfaces. Sanitizing substances (e.g. potassium peroxymonosulphate, sodium hypochlorite or bleach) are active against pathogens.

After each class session, classes will be cleaned

By cleaning we mean the complex of procedures and operations aimed at making a certain environment healthy through cleaning and detergent activities.
The cleaners used are RELY + ON ™ VIRKON ™  and other cleaning and sanitizing products based on potassium peroxymonosulphate which are both cleaning and sanitizing products at the same time.

Student attendance per class reduced to max 50%

In compliance with the provisions of the Guidelines for the reopening of Economic, Productive and Recreational Activities and to guarantee the minimum social distancing of 1 meter required by Law, the capacity of our classrooms will be reduced to 50%.
This means that our classrooms, at most, will be able to accommodate 5 or 6 students (depending on the different sizes of the classrooms).
The maximum number of students per class is indicated on the door of each classroom with appropriate panels.

Temperature detection for evryone every day

In order to ensure maximum safety for our staff, teachers and students within our school premises, the temperature will be detected at the entrance and a special register will be kept for traceability. Anyone with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees will be barred from entering school.
The privacy of each one will be guaranteed according to the indications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation – EU Regulation 2016/679)

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment available
in each classroom and every school office

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment (self-standing hand sanitizer stands, masks and gloves) will be available in each classroom, in the Teacher Room and in the offices open to the public (gel columns, masks and gloves)
A Decalogue for Prevention containing all the essential measures provided by the Ministry of Health will also be given to all students at their arrival as well as the telephone numbers to contact in case of need (in Sicily: 800 45 87 87)

Recommendation to always wear masks in every common area and classrooms and obligation to wear them where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Wearing masks, according to the Law Decree of April 26, 2020 became mandatory in confined spaces or outdoors where it is not possible to guarantee social distancing.
In some Regions in Italy, the mandatory use can also be extended to other contexts.

Teachers will wear a clear protective visor in classrooms

In order to increase the levels of individual protection, our teachers will keep a transparent protective visor lowered during the lessons in classrooms.
Each teacher will be given personal and sanitized sets of markers and erasers

“bone fide” hold harmless agreement and self-declaration to be signed by students upon arrival

Upon arrival at school, all students must sign a self-declaration confirming that they have not had contact with people at risk and a “bone fide” hold harmless agreement in which they take into consideration the possible risks related to Coronavirus (COVID-19) despite all the measures put in place by the school, local authorities and the national government.

It goes without saying that, in the event of changes to the current legislation, our procedures will be immediately reviewed and adapted to new legal needs, both in the case of the introduction of stricter measures and in the case of softening of the existing measures.

All these measures are put in place for the exclusive purpose of guaranteeing the safety and health of our students and all those who work in our school.

Health is our top priority!

For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.
The whole BABILONIA team are at your disposal to offer an unforgettable stay-study in Taormina in safety and health.
See you in Taormina and … Stay healthy and safe!