BABILONIA – Center for Italian Language and Culture is an Italian language school that offers Italian courses for foreigners in Taormina, Sicily.

The school was founded in 1992 by Alessandro Adorno. BABILONIA was the first school in Southern Italy specializing in teaching Italian for foreigners.

Why is our Italian school the right choice?


1. Because it is in Sicily

Studying Italian and discovering Sicily is the dream of many. Sicily is the treasure trove that contains an immense archaeological, historic and naturalistic heritage. Do you realize that only in Sicily are there 7 UNESCO sites. Traveling in Sicily means traveling in Time and History among the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, French and Spanish memories. Sicily is one island, but in truth, there are many Sicilies, as Gesualdo Bufalino used to say. Studying Italian in Sicily is the right way to start discovering them all!

2. Because it is in Taormina

Taormina is a pearl that shines on the Ionian Sea. Founded by the Greeks on Mount Tauro, it is known worldwide for its spectacular panorama that stretches from the Strait of Messina to the Etna volcano. Taormina is a jewel where the lights of all Sicily shine, the Greek and the Roman, the Byzantine and the Arab, the French and the Spanish – a place made memorable by the great travelers of the Grand Tour and by the hundreds of international artists – writers, painters, actors, poets, photographers – who have stayed there, including writers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who highlighted Taormina in his Journey through Italy (Italienische Reise), Roger Peyrefitte, Truman Capote, André Gide, DH Lawrence, Salvatore Quasimodo, Tennessee Williams, Anna Achmatova, Gabriele D’Annunzio, Edmondo De Amicis, intellectuals and artists Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, Richard Wagner, Gustav Klimt, the baron photographer Wilhelm von Gloeden, the painter Otto Geleng, crowned heads Tsar Nicholas I, Kaiser Wilhelm II with his cousin Tsar Nicholas II, Zarina Aleksandra Fëdorovna Romanova and Queen Juliana of Holland and famous actors Soraya, Ava Gardner, Romy Schneider, Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Greta Garbo.

3. Because it is an ideal place to combine a quality Italian course and a holiday-study!

For those who live and study in Taormina, Taormina is synonymous with Dolce Vita. Attending an Italian course and, at the end of the lesson, enjoying the beach is not Dolce Vita? And, in the evening, attending a concert at the Greek Theater with the Bay of Naxos and Etna in the background also Dolce Vita? Sampling the delicious Sicilian cuisine or sipping a cocktail in one of the many picturesque medieval streets or in one of the squares with breathtaking views of Taormina… Dolce Vita? And who would not want to enroll in an Italian course in Paradise and simply only have to decide whether to go swimming or join an excursion to discover Sicily? In other words, what you risk if you enroll in an Italian course in Taormina is not wanting to return  home!

4. Because it offers accredited and recognized courses

Yes, Sicily is a treasure and Taormina is its pearl but the school …?! To guarantee the absolute quality and professionalism of Babilonia – Italian language center many official recognitions and accreditations make Babilonia one of the most accredited schools in Italy. The positive feedback and comments of many of our students who have been attending our courses since 1992 are also testimony.

5. Because our teachers are fun and competent

All our teachers are certified by the University for Foreigners of Perugia with the Certifications in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language DILS II and most teachers also have other certifications in Didactics of Italian (DITALS, DILIT, ITALS). But the main characteristic of our teachers is their understanding and their personal qualities. With them you will not feel in school; you will feel at home with a group of friends!

6. Because students are at the center of our lessons, not the teachers!“

In our small classes, teaching is tailored. We believe that a teacher centered teaching in which the student is a passive listener does not contribute in any way to learning a foreign language. In our classes, students become researchers and are at the center of their learning experience through analytical activities in which, through observations and analysis, the solution of a linguistic problem arrives only after making assumptions and hypotheses and working as a group.

7. Because our goal is communication!

Our communicative method will introduce you to authentic materials, by using the same media Italians use in their everyday life, “the Italian of Italians”, and this will allow you to acquire real language skills that will assist your living in Italy among Italians, instead of acquiring only a mere knowledge of grammar rules. Our goal is “to use the language” and not simply “to know how it is done”. We assume this is your goal too and for us this is what matters!

8. Because it offers a variety of extra courses to combine with an Italian course

A language is not the result of a series of grammar rules, but the result of a culture and a way of life. Language is the verbalized representation of a common culture. Are you interested in learning more about Italian culture? You can combine your Italian course with a wide range of extra courses (cooking, food and wine, diving, hiking, ceramics), culture courses (literature, history, cinema, art history), courses for special purposes and 50+ programs to optimize your study-holiday

9. Because you can meet fellow lovers of the Italian language who come from all over the world

Our classes are multi-generational and multi-cultural. Students are aged from 18 to 80 years and share the same passion and curiosity for the Italian language and culture. Our students come from different latitudes and lengths: from all over Europe and North America, from Japan and Russia, from South America and … from Italy too (South-Tyrol).

10. Because studying Italian in Italy and, in particular, in Sicily can change the way you see the world

Studying a foreign language is like wearing a new pair of glasses which allows you to look at the surrounding reality from another perspective. This is a gift that only a language course abroad can give you; take advantage of it! Only a multilateral vision of our society can help the peaceful coexistence of people respecting the history and traditions of all. So, why not wear Made in Italy glasses for a better view on the Italian Life Style?! We are looking forward to welcoming you!



Did you know that the Italian center BABILONIA was the first Italian Language and Culture Center in Southern Italy? Discover the history of BABILONIA

Casa Silva, our school building

The school

Discover “Casa Silva”, the prestigious home of the Italian Babilonia center, an ancient patrician villa in the heart of the historic center of Taormina.

Our Staff

Babilonia italian language school staff

The beating heart of Babilonia is made of extraordinary people who will assist you in every moment of your experience. Find out who they are.

Our Teachers

Teachers of the Italian School in Italy Babilonia
All our teachers are experts in teaching Italian as a foreign language and certified to teach Italian with DILS II Certification of University for  Foreigners of Perugia.

Max number of students per class
10 (12 from mid-May to mid-October)
Total number of classrooms
Number of levels
Minimum age of students
Max age of students
No limit
Average age
Absolute beginner courses
Yes, in our scheduled dates
Junior Programs
on request
Total number of students – high season
65-100 students
Total number of students – low season
10 – 25 students
Yes, 1000 sqm
Internet access & WI-Fi area
Yes, free service
TV, DVD player, stereo, video
Library for students
Bar & Restaurant services
Air conditioning e heaters in classrooms
Student Card for discounts
Welcome bag

More to know about the BABILONIA - Italian Language center

Social activity program

Social and cultural activities at Babilonia Italian Language center in Italy
Our Italian language center offers a social and cultural activity program included in our Italian courses, an extra opportunity to be in contact with our language and for an in-depth study of Italian culture and society.

Teaching method

Programma e metodo
The program of our Italian courses is based on a communicative approach aimed at activating the learning and acquisition processes in all four linguistic skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing).


Your money is important, do not waste money in a school with no accreditation. Our Italian school is accredited nationally and internationally.
Check out our accreditations!

Students and comments

Our Students
Students in our Italian courses are aged between 18 and 80 years old and come from all over the world and from different cultures.
We welcome diversity and encourage intercultural exchanges.