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For more than 2500 years, Sicily has shared its spirit with travellers from many lands. Situated in the center of the Mediterranean, Sicily has served as a meeting place for three continents, each of which has contributed to Sicily’s unique history and culture earning Sicily its title of Crossroads of the Mediterranean.

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HI 401 History of Mediterranean Civilizations in Sicily (taught in English) 
HI 402 Storia della civilta del Mediterraneo in Sicilia (taught in Italian)
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January Winter Break Study in Sicily, Italy Intersession Programs
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Semester Study Abroad in Sicily, Italy

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Course Description:

A comprehensive overview of Sicilian history beginning with the prehistoric era through to present day covers a significant number of Mediterranean civilizations among which are the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Norman, Arab, Northern African and the Spanish.The course examines the history of Sicily and the influences of each of the many nations which ave ruled the island. On site lectures enhance understanding of the impact of the ruling groups (ex. Greco-Roman Theater, Roman Naumachia, Byzantine tombs, Norman Castle, etc.)