Study abroad programs in Italy, Sicily:
The Many Manifestations of Italian Culture

This course is designed to introduce students to the history of Italian (particularly Sicilian) culture through immersion, observation and reflection. The course is built around 25 hours of cultural lectures complemented by activities examining the daily life, social values, contemporary issues and ancestral traditions of Italians. An Italian language study component (22 hours) is included to facilitate and enhance the cultural immersion experience.

Cultural lectures and readings in English include the following topics:

  • The Geography and Unique Features of the Regions of Italy
  • The Arabic Poets of Sicily
  • The Ancient Philosophers of Italy
  • The Teatro Antica
  • Pupi and Carrettino
  • Mythology and Legends
  • The Geology of Mt. Etna (Mongibello)
  • The History and Traditions of Olives, Olive cultivation and Olive Oil
  • Cinema of the Mediterranean
  • Bellini to Battiano
  • The Mafia/Anti Mafia
  • The Archeological Treasures of Sicily

No previous study required.

<strong>Study abroad programs in Italy, Sicily</strong><br /> <strong>The Many Manifestations of Italian Culture</strong>
Course code
ITC 403 The Many Manifestations of Italian Culture (taught in Italian (language component) with cultural lectures in English)
ITC 405 Caleidoscopio della cultura italiana (taught in Italian)
Course offered during

January Winter Break Study in Sicily, Italy Intersession Programs
Summer Term Study in Sicily, Italy Programs
Semester Study Abroad in Sicily, Italy

Students can enroll in this course or combine this course with a language or other culture courses in a longer study program