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One of Italy’s most noteworthy historical events of the 19th century, next to the Unification of the country, was the Great Migration. The first of three waves of Italian migration to North America occurred from 1861-1900; each wave has been unique and offers cultural and historical insight to both Italy and North America then and now. This course will examine the various historical markers associated with the emigrational movements to the United States through the representation of the cinematic lens.


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HI 451 Screening the Italian American Experience (taught in English) 
HI 452 Screening the Italian American Experience (taught in Italian)
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Summer Term Study in Sicily, Italy Programs

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Course Description:
This course examines the image of Italian Americans from the initial, major diaspora from Italy to North America (1890s) to the present, including the current “Brain Drain” phenomena. Through media and literary representations, historical and cultural perspectives along with stereotypes will be critically scrutinized and discussed.