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Is learning Italian in Italy and studying Italian in Sicily your dream? From the many Italian language schools in Italy and many Italian courses, are you looking for study abroad programs and Italian courses in Sicily?

If from a wide choice of Italian language schools in Italy, you want to take an Italian course in Sicily and, at the same time, have the chance to explore and experience life on this beautiful island, then you have got the right website!

Keep on reading to find out more about our Center for Italian Studies and our high quality Italian language courses in Taormina, Sicily. Click here to watch a video about Taormina and our school of italian language and culture.

Group or individual courses

Take part in the full immersion Italian courses our school offer: group Italian language courses(small groups) or private Italian courses.

Our Italian language school in Taormina, Sicily, offers Italian classes from one week up to one year! And with the Italian language courses, you will be also offered a weekly social and cultural activity program and free assistance in finding accommodation in Taormina.

Extra courses: culture, food and flavours

If, in addition to learning Italian in Italy and a full immersion study abroad stay, you also want a fuller cultural experience in Sicily, choose our Italian plus courses and combine them with our Italian language courses:

Or, maybe you prefer something more active, dynamic, sporty? Then choose from our Italian plus sport activities:

On the other hand, if you need Italian for specific purposes, we also offer:

Our Teachers

Teaching italian is a passion and a mission but the hardest thing for a teacher is … not to stand up on the chair, not to be cathedratic. Teaching is the most social work that exists and requires great human and professional skills.

And the professional qualities of the teachers of the Italian language school BABILONIA are equal to their sympathy. Believe us if we tell you that you will leave a piece of your heart here!

Social activities

During your full immersion Italian language courses, we will also offer you a scheduled program of social and cultural extra-curricular activities which are included in the price of your Italian course.

These activities may include, but are not limited to lectures, walks, films, games, seminars. Our weekly seminars cover a variety of subjects from Italian literature and poetry to Sicilian specific subjects including history, politics, cuisine, etc (download an example of our social activity program).

High Quality courses

Our Italian language programs are officially recognized by MIUR – State Department/Ministry of Research and Education, A.S.I.L.S and I.A.L.C .
Our Italian courses are approved by:

The Italian language courses at our school can be the beginning of an unforgettable journey around Sicily. From Taormina, it is very easy to get to Syracuse, Mount Etna, the Aeolian Islands, Catania, Piazza Armerina and Noto.

Travelling further afield to Palermo, Selinunte, Segesta, Agrigento, Erice and so many more treasures of Sicily.

Click on our webpages of Taormina and Sicily to find out more about history, culture, traditions of our town and region. And get here more information on how to get to Taormina.

Enrolling in our Italian courses in Taormina, one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily, is very easy. Please follow this link.

We would love to welcome you to our Italian language school in Taormina, Sicily for an unforgettable cultural and learning experience.

Do you want to acquire the language skills of the Italian language?

Is studying Italian in Sicily in a fabulous setting full of history and full of beauty what you are looking for?

And, are you tired of learning grammar rules and not being able to converse with Italian native speakers?!

Let’s try to answer your primary questions, one by one.

Why Italian language?

Sure, Italian is the “bella lingua”, the language of Love, of Music, of Poetry… Definetely, the language of Art, of Opera, of Style. Obviously, the language of Dante and Leonardo, of Verdi and Puccini, of Cristoforo Colombo and Marconi… But italian is also a modern and contemporary language: one of the language most widely studied in the world.

Learning Italian todayis also useful because of the many Italian companies that have offices and shops around the world and the many foreign companies what have their branches in Italy. Those, among many, the reasons to study Italian in Italy.

Why in Italy?

Where else can you learn Italian language if not in Italy?

To learn and speak and understand foreign languages and not just stopping at the stage of learning grammar rules, they must be studied in the country where that language is spoken.

That’s why it is necessary to go to Italy. Learning Italian in Italy, is not exacly the worst thing it may happen to you in your life, isn’t it?

Imagine to learn Italian with an Italian family, in homestay in Italy, to have the opportunity to experience the Italian life style as an insider.

Learning Italian while living with an Italian family will exponentially help your language learning and language aquisition. And, while living in Italy, for a short or long term Italian language course, you can find time for yourself to explore the incredible Italian cultural heritage as well as tasting real Italian food and wine and… life!

How long …

It is almost impossible to set an exact time to learn Italian in Italy for everyone. Each one of us has a personal learning pace, a personal learning style and a personal talent (or intelligence, according to Gardner).

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to learn Italian in 2 weeks but it can certainly be an important start.

Also the timing for learning Italian for kids or learning Italian for adults or learning Italian for seniors is very different.

Age also counts but learning Italian when senior can also mean to fulfill the dream of a life. What is mostly important is that learning a language does not mean knowing all grammar rules but being able to interact with the society and to grow the communication skills.

How much …

If you purpose is to learn Italian to be able to travel around Italy, even a few week course will help. Italians are very helpful when it comes to make yourself understood.

And don’t forget the power of hand-gestures!

Learning Italian in Italy is also a nice way to put together some good time and doing something productive: learn Italian in Italy on holidays if you don’t have any other time during the year! All our courses are all geared to make it possible for you to speak in Italian from the very first course day.


Good question… It is like when you sit at the restaurant table and you’d like to eat the whole menu without being able to make your mind and pick up just one dish.

Some may feel doubtful because of the existance of different regional dialects throughout all regions in Italy.

Well, keep this in mind, every single region in Italy has its own dialect (really a second local language) and standard Italian is spoken everywhere in Italy, in every single country. From a linguistic point of view, we can easily say that in Italy, all Italians live a a bilingual mode, speaking standard Italian and the local dialect.

Sicilia: amazing place in Italy.

As above, it is as difficult as deciding which gelato flavour to eat front of a gelateria shop window. What can we say?!

At BABILONIA – Italian language school in Taormina, Sicily obviously!

How do you say 'School' in Italian?

I want to learn italian in Italy!

If you really want to learn Italian in Sicily, here is what we have to offer for you: