Italian courses for seniors 50 plus in Italy: “The Island of the Sun” – Sicily (Italy)

Learn Italian in Italy over 50. Senior study-holidays in Italy

Welcome to “The Island of the Sun” in Sicily, Italy, where art, culture, and cuisine come together in a unique experience!

If you’re over 50 and looking to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Italian language, our senior study-holidays are the perfect choice for you.

We offer Italian courses specifically designed for senior adults, allowing you to learn the language in a relaxed and enjoyable manner, surrounded by the stunning backdrop of Sicily.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure of learning and discovery, where the sun, the sea, and Italian culture blend into an extraordinary experience.

Table of Contents

Learning italian plus cultural holidays in Italy

Learn Italian in Italy holidays for 50 plus senior students

Are you young at heart? This course is specifically geared to travellers over 50 who want to study a language and at the same time learn more about the history of Sicily, the culture and the society of Sicily and cooking, food and wine of Sicily!

It’s the perfect way to enjoy your leisure time while socializing with new friends.

Language classes take place in the morning, with a whole range of cultural activities and excursions following in the afternoons and evenings.

50 plus program: “The Island of the Sun” – cultural vacations

Learn Italian in Italy with 50 plus program

Club 50 Plus program – 2024 price

€ 660

(this price does not include the language courses and the accommodation).

The “Sicily, the Island of the Sun” program must be booked in combination with a INTENSIVE or SEMI-INTENSIVE Italian language course.

BABILONIA – Italian language school assists students throughout the program and, on request, offers a variety of accommodation options in Taormina.

Starting dates

The CLUB 50 Plus program in Taormina is a 2 week program and starts on the following dates:

March, 04th, 2024
April, 08th, 2024
April, 29th, 2024
September, 02nd, 2024
October, 14th, 2024
Starting dates CLUB 50 Plus program in Taormina


The CLUB 50 Plus program in Taormina, Sicily includes the following program:

Monday, first weekh. 13:00 Lunch together!
h. 15:00 Presentation of the program “L’Isola del Sole”
h. 16:00 Taormina guided tour: “L’Arte e la Storia a cielo aperto!”
Tuesday, first weekh. 15:00 Lecture on History of Sicily
Wednesday, first weekh. 14:00 Hike on Volcano Etna: “Between Geology and Mithology!”
Thursday, first weekh. 15:00 Sicily in your mouth: cooking lesson on a tipycal Sicilian dish
Friday, first weekfree day to explore
Sunday, first weekh. 08:00 Trip to Siracuse: Neapolis and Ortigia
Monday, second weekfree day to explore
Tuesday, second weekh. 15:00 Lecture on The Sicilian Writers in the Italian Literature
Wednesday, second weekh. 15:00 Trip to Savoca e Forza d’Agrò: “Visiting The Godfather sites”
Thursday, second weekh. 17:00 Sicily in your mouth: cheese and wines of Sicily tasting
The CLUB 50 Plus program in Taormina

More information

  • 50 Plus students can have language classes on their own (50 Plus students only) for false beginner , elementary and intermediate level, given that we have at least 3 “50 Plus” students per level, otherwise we will guarantee the level in our regular classes.
  • The program is open to Absolute Beginners too. Absolute Beginners “50 Plus” students will have their classes with our regular Absolute Beginners students.
  • The social, cultural, leisure program will be run mostly in Italian, some English might be used only to summarize the content of the activities or guided tours.

“Sicily, the Island of the Sun”: Italian language course and study-holidays for 50 plus senior students

Learn Italian in Italy holidays for seniors

Your spirit is still young and roaring despite the ID?
Do you want to go for an exciting trip to Italy among tastes, flavors and culture and at the same time learn and improve your Italian language skills?
Do you want to visit and know as much as possible about Sicily in 2 weeks without having young kids around you during social and cultural activities?

Then you are the perfect candidate for our 50 plus program “Sicily, the Island of the Sun”.

Learn Italian in Italy and experience a fantastic holiday in Sicily: who has not dreamed of it at least once?

Two weeks with Italian lessons at school followed by excursions on Mount Volcano Etna and to the cultural and archaeological UNESCO sites in Sicily, Sicilian cooking lessons and tasting of typical products, seminars on the History of Sicily and Sicilian writers in Italian literature and full immersion in traditions popular.

Italian language course for seniors. Club 50 program
In excursion to Savoca

A study-holiday

A study-holiday in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Italy along with a full-immersion Italian course is an unmissable opportunity for travelers over 50 from all over the world who want a unique experience in beautiful Sicily.

cooking class

“Sicily, the Island of the Sun” is a study program specifically aimed at 50 plus travelers from all over the world who wish to study and learn Italian and, at the same time, personally experience the history of Sicily, its culture, its traditions and its flavors.

excursion to Etna

Studying Italian in Italy means immersing yourself in the Italian way of life. For two weeks, 50 plus travelers will share their time between the Italian language classes in the morning and cultural activities and excursions in the afternoon or evening.

Full-immersion of the five senses

A full-immersion of the five senses explores the traditions, aromas and tastes, the history and culture of Sicily, the island that has been a “trait-d-union” between the most ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean Sea for centuries, civilizations whose traces will be tracked back during the program.

In Sicily, its millennial history speaks directly to travelers and speaks in Italian!!!

“Sicily, the Island of the Sun” is an intensive program. In addition to morning classes, excursions within the beautiful Taormina are planned, during which you will attend real open-air art history and culture lessons.

During the program many trips are planned to the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites including a guided tour of the Greek Neapolis in Syracuse and the Baroque area of Ortigia as well as a guided tour of Mount Etna.

Lectures during the program offer opportunities to directly experience Sicilian literature and traditions such as sharing a cup of tea at the Museum of Casa Cuseni, and a guided tour of the Museum of Traditions in Taormina.

Sicily also provides a journey of taste through its food and its wine. Travelers who take part in the “Sicily, the Island of the Sun” program enjoy a hands-on cooking lesson and a tasting of Sicilian cheese and wines.

Visit to the Greek amphitheater - Club over 50 in Italy program “The Island of the Sun” Learn Italian in Italy over 50: cultural vacations, cultural holidays.
Visit to the Valley of Temples in Agrigento

Not just a holiday

“Sicily, the Island of the Sun” program is not just a holiday or just a series of Italian lessons where you can improve your language and conversation skills and increase the awareness of Italian and Sicilian culture, supported by qualified native Italian teachers.

Above all, it is a fabulous two-week experience where you can share a pleasant and warm atmosphere with other travelers from all over the world who want to enjoy exploring and discovering the beauties of Sicily.

We wish to welcome you soon in Taormina, Sicily and give you the opportunity to discover our island so full of history, so full of culture, so full of inspiration!

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