Italian lessons plus…

italian lessons + extra courses = Study holidays

The Italian plus courses are meant to be combined to your Italian language courses to experience the beauty and the historical heritage of Sicily. You can choose among cooking classes, diving, hiking and outdoor sports programs, ceramic decoration courses as well as literature, cinema,, history and art history courses.

Study vacations, study holidays, cultural stays in Italy

Italian classes plus cooking

Italian lessons plus cooking in Sicily

Studying Italian without eating Italian? Simply impossible! Make your Italian course more fun by combining an Italian language course with one of our cooking programs!

Food and wines of Sicily program

Italian lessons plus Food & wines

Sicily is a lucky land: anything you plant, grows. The quality of food and wines in Sicily is really excellent. Immerse yourself in a program of unforgettable flavors and tastes!

Pottery and ceramic decoration in Sicily

Italian lessons plus Pottery & ceramic decoration in Sicily

Sicily has been producing ceramics since the Carthaginians and the Greeks conquered the Island of the Sun.

Hiking and trekking in Sicily

Italian lessons plus Hiking & trekking in Sicily

Explore the beautiful nature and landscape of Sicily during your study stay in Taormina for your Italian language course. Mens sana in corpore sano!

Diving in Sicily

Italian lessons plus Diving in Sicily

An Italian language course in Sicily, a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, scuba-diving in a sea full of history and marine archaeology…
What else?!

Golf in Sicily

Italian Courses plus Golf in Sicily

Do you want to get away from the crowd and be immersed in the peaceful silence of a golf course with a spectacular view of Etna and the Mediterranean Sea? This is for you!