Sicily because of its geographical position has always been the subject of conquor by the most important civilisations, which have left their imprint: the Phonecians, the Greeks, the Carthagenians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans, the Swebians, the Spanish and the French.

Notwithstanding having been been influenced by the various dominant forces, the Sicilian ceramic artists have always shown their Sicilian-ness in the ceramic artform, because the elements used for creating this type of artform, that is to say earth, water and fire are the same elements present in the history and culture of every Sicilian.

A language is not the result of a set of grammar rules. A language is the result of a culture and its traditions, its history, its life style and its places. With this in mind, if want a fuller cultural experience in Sicily, and not just be a simple tourist but be a real traveller, you can combine an Italian language course in group or Italian private lessons with “SICILIAN CERAMIC DECORATION” program:

The SICILIAN CERAMIC DECORATION program is offered to those who want to learn how to make Sicilian ceramics or wood and furniture restoration, or other forms of art crafts on request. You will be tutored by professional craftsmen at the atelier. At the end of the workshop a Letter of Attendance is issued by the atelier.
3 lessons (1 ½ hour each) per week
€ 205
Price is for 1 week. All courses are extendable for as many week as you wish. All courses are given in Italian. Knowledge of the language is required.


We wish to welcoming you soon in Taormina, Sicily and give you the opportunity to discover our island so full of history, so full of culture, so full of light!