Study abroad academic programs

Study abroad programs are the lifetime experience for many University students.

Why studying abroad could be also your lifetime experience?

Here 25 good reasons to choose a study abroad program in Italy:

  1. It’ll look good on your CV
  2. Brush up on your language skills
  3. Living in a foreign country is completely different to a holiday
  4. Meet a diverse range of people
  5. Make lifelong friends
  6. Discover new and exciting foods
  7. Study and learn differently
  8. Gain independence
  9. Learn self-reliance
  10. You’ll gain a greater knowledge of different cultures
  11. See your own culture through a new lens
  12. Learn more about yourself
  13. Become an adult
  14. Gain life experience
  15. Be spontaneous and adventurous
  16. You learn to appreciate the smaller things more
  17. Gain a global mind-set
  18. Get the perks of international student discounts
  19. It’s an unforgettable experience
  20. You’ll appreciate your home and family more
  21. International student funding is becoming more common
  22. Take advantage of lower tuition fees
  23. Use your spare time to explore
  24. Increase your international job prospects
  25. Because “variety is the spice of life”