Study Italian in Italy

Why study Italian in Italy?

Well… Italy is definitely the best school where you can study Italian! Where else, would you study Italian if not Italy?!

Learning a language is like learning to swim. If you don’t swim into the water, you can never say you can swim. That’s why to learn Italian, you need to come and study Italian in Italy!

Here some reasons to study Italian in Italy:

Studying Italian in Italy is a lot of fun. And very rewarding too!

Would you do without understanding what house wives may shout from one balcony to the other? Would you really survive without knowing what two Italians are saying when bargaining for a better price? Would you really miss out the sense of what your Italian lover would whisper to you during dinner in the most romantic restaurant ever?

Travelling is much more fun when you speak Italian in Italy!

Travelling in Italy without knowing some Italian may make you anxious and scared but don’t worry, as soon as you try to speak with Italians you will immediately realize how open and friendly we can be and how you will feel immediately at your ease. This will make your travel experience much more interesting and exciting!

Study Italian because is sexy!

Speaking italian is sexy! And… having a bit of an accent makes it even more sexy!!! Do you want to impress your Italian friend on your first date? Speak Italian! You’ll see… Don’t you believe us?

Studying Italian is like eating chocolate!

Recent studies have discovered that successfully studying a foreign language activates a part of the brain sometimes referred to as the brain’s pleasure center, the same part activated when having sex, gambling or… eating a piece of chocolate. Just makes you feel good!

Study Italian in Italy and be “cool”!

Have you ever experienced being in a conversation and say “I studied in Italy and I can speak Italian!”. Well, try. And let us know!!

Study in Italy for the beauty of the Italian language!

Some languages ​​are really a pleasure for the ears with their musical rhythm and their fascinating phonetics. Personally, I love the elegance and finesse of French, the sounds of Spanish and Portuguese, the accuracy of German and the elegance of the British accent. And… isn’t the Italian language the most melodic and sensual ever?!

Study Italian in Italy and find new friends!

By attending a language course abroad, you have the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and often to establish friendships that will remain even after returning home, thanks to social media and visiting each other’s countries of origin.

Study Italian in Italy for your Italian partner!

Our society is increasingly interconnected and multicultural. And often our soul mate does not necessarily speak our language. What if your soul mate is Italian?! I know it very well: my wife, Slovak, speaks a fantastic Italian now! I can testify that to be in love with a native speaker it is one of the strongest motivations. It greatly facilitates language learning!

Study Italian in Italy and discover a new side of your personality

It is a feeling common to those who speak more than one language: it feels different, even as if we have distinct personalities, when we express ourselves in different languages. It also happens to those who learn a language in adulthood.

Acquiring a language is a real journey of self-discovery. You may be amazed at your sudden ability to discover the hidden sides of yourself. All of a sudden, you will find that the precision of the German language or the vivacity of Spanish or the refinement of French or the logic of English will help you in exploring an unexplored side of you. And, if studying Italian, you may discover your creative, artistic and spontaneous unexpressed side of yourself!

Study Italian in Italy and be happy!

You know that great sense of accomplishment you feel when you cross another completed task off your to-do list? Achieving the goals we set for ourselves makes us happy, and learning a new language is certainly a worthy goal to pursue. Essentially, when we make progress on our goals, our subjective well-being increases. That increased happiness motivates us to continue working toward our goals, which makes us happy, and so on.

Moreover, social interactions bring joy and humans are social animals. Our interpersonal connections are extremely important to our overall happiness. Speaking more than one language increases our ability to forge new friendships. A second language allows us to interact with new people at home and when we’re traveling abroad. Not only does this social interaction make us happy, but it also gives us a confidence boost by reinforcing the idea that we can successfully learn a new skill and put it to use.

Study Italian in Italy and feel more confident about yourself!

Your sense of self-confidence will increase: you will make new friends, you will understand the movies without the subtitles and you can even help the tourists asking for directions. And so, compliments, admiration and occasional applause will be a pleasant side effect of learning a new language.

Study Italian in Italy and leave your comfort zone!

Willingness to make mistakes means being ready to put yourself in potentially embarrassing situations. This can be scary, but it’s the only way to develop and improve. No matter how much you learn, you won’t ever speak a language without putting yourself out there: talk to strangers in the language, ask for directions, order food, try to tell a joke. The more often you do this, the bigger your comfort zone becomes and the more at ease you can be in new situations.
“At the beginning you’re going to encounter difficulties: maybe the pronunciation, maybe the grammar, the syntax, or you don’t really get the sayings. But I think the most important thing is to always develop this feel. Every native speaker has a feel for his or her own language, and that’s basically what makes a native-speaker — whether you can make the language your own.”

Living, working and studying abroad? Study Italian in Italy!

Have you, for example, ever dreamed of living in Italy? Would you like to go to study at an Italian university? Well, knowledge of languages ​​can open the door to all of that! And along the way you might even come across the partner or job of your dreams!

Study Italian in Italy and give a boost to your career!

Nowadays if you want to find a great job or plan to embark on an important career, you need to speak at least two languages. In a globalized world, most companies work more and more internationally and require their employees to have extensive language skills to be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

In addition, a survey among companies in UK has shown that employees with excellent language skills often have higher salaries than others. So, speaking a foreign language is the way to success in work and love! Would you ask for more?

Study Italian in Italy and experience new cultures!

Studying languages ​​means not only memorizing words and learning grammar, but also knowing the culture of the country where the language is spoken, learning how local people live, how they think and what their traditions are. This is very useful if you decide to look for your way abroad, but also to better understand your counterpart, if you want to establish business relations across the border. A new language can really open your horizons.

Study Italian in Italy helps better understanding the world around you!

The languages ​​we speak influence the way we see the world. A new language not only offers you new perspectives, it also allows you to better understand how your mother tongue works, making it much easier to acquire other languages.

Study Italian in Italy helps becoming more open and tolerant!

You will understand others and you will see the world with different eyes. We are all conditioned by the culture in which we live, behaving accordingly. And so, by analyzing your behavior and comparing it with that of others, you could question the way of thinking and doing in your country, and become more tolerant and open to others.

Study Italian in Italy and keep your brain fit!

It is very important to stimulate and work their neurons: learning a foreign language is a constant training and a very effective remedy against brain aging. In fact, in high school we often asked ourselves what 5 years of ancient Greek we really needed: later we realize that the logic and rigor of this language has beneficial effects on our ability to analyze and solve problems.

Polyglot scholars and linguists assure that “bilinguals have a malleability and cognitive flexibility that is superior to that of the monolinguals. The knowledge of a second language would allow, in fact, to develop verbal intelligence, the formation of concepts, global reasoning and to stimulate the discovery of the rules at the base of the solution of problems”.

Study Italian in Italy and healthy and fit!

It may seem a little awkward, but it will help you stay healthy and fit. This is because, when the brain assimilates a new terminology and a complicated grammar, it strengthens: memory increases and better results are obtained in tests and examinations. In addition, a study by the University of London found that people who speak two or more languages ​​are less prone to age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, than their peers.

Interest in language learning as brain training has drastically increased since recent studies showed that speaking a second language improves
cognitive function and listening skills, and may delay the onset of dementia in old age.

You see? You can stay healthy not only by practicing sports, but also by training your brain!

Study Italian in Italy and keep your mind young for life!

Even when you have found the job of your dreams abroad, maybe in a place with lots of sun, palms and joy, not
it means that you will want to stop learning. Even those who have already achieved their goals and are happy with their work feel the need to continue to test their mind with new challenges. And learning languages ​​is a great way to do it.

What a joy to suddenly and unconsciously combining the right gesture with an expression in Italian!

And for you? What’s your reason to study Italian in Italy?!