You have often asked us if our school had other places to study Italian in Italy… Now we can happily answer you that we have sister schools in Italy. We are in fact happy to be part of the network of Italian language schools for foreigners “SÌ – Studiare Italiano”.

Where to study Italian in Italy.

With SÌ – STUDIARE ITALIANO! you can choose to study in Florence, Milan, Rome, Venice and of course Taormina! Our schools also offer you the possibility of an itinerant stay throughout Italy, in fact a real Giro di Italia This means that you can change schools and move freely between schools in our destinations, without having to organise your stay in each destination yourself.

Quality and experience in teaching Italian as a second language

All our schools have at least 30 years experience, some much more. In the schools of the SÌ – STUDIARE ITALIANO! group you will find, in addition to a warm welcome and a friendly welcome, the best possible quality. All our schools are recognized by the Ministry of Education and are active members of numerous national and international quality associations. And that means joining schools whose quality is certified! They may not be the cheapest schools, but they are certainly the best, both in terms of the services offered to students and the teaching on offer!

Studying Italian where Italian is spoken.

The importance of studying the language in the country where it is spoken is certified by hundreds of academic studies. Certainly, nowadays, we can get in touch with foreign languages with the help of online courses, podcasts, self-learning websites, automatic translators and an endless series of technological options at our disposal. But nothing can ever replace a language study stay in the country where the language we want to learn is spoken.

Total immersion in the Italian way of life.

What our schools will assure you is a total immersion in Italian life. The possibility to come into direct contact with the Italian reality and to live it from the inside. There will be numerous opportunities to converse with Italian native speakers and to get to know the culture, styles, and traditions of the various cities and regions present in SÌ – STUDIARE ITALIANO!

Do you want to know more about SÌ – STUDIARE ITALIANO?

Our Italian courses are tailored for you!

At our schools, you are sure to find the right course for you. All of our schools will be able to meet your needs in the best possible way. Don’t believe us! Give it a try!

We look forward to a unique and unforgettable experience! A presto! 😊