The BABILONIA Italian School is a member of Eduitalia, an association of schools and universities offering courses for foreign students.

Eduitalia is responsible for enhancing and disseminating abroad the educational opportunities available at the best schools and universities across Italy.

It promotes a varied and excellent offering of academic courses in the most beautiful cities of Italy including Taormina, in Sicily, to students from all over the world and, in particular, in the U.S and Canada, Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, China, Japan, Korea and Australia.
BABILONIA school is proud to be a part of it!

What does Eduitalia do?

  • promote a strong, organized, and unitary image of the Study Abroad system in Italy
  • increase the number of foreign students interested in studying Italian language and culture in Italy
  • synergize Universities and Schools on the Italian territory
  • to make institutions aware of the Study Abroad phenomenon in order to encourage students to enter Italy for study purposes
  • provide updated and quality reports, data and statistics to the members of the “Study Abroad” world
  • spread the Italian cultural, social and economic model abroad.