International internship programs in Italy provide a meaningful and professional hands-on experience, allowing students to build their knowledge of the global workplace, enhance intercultural skills, and boost employment desirability.

All internships in Italy are conducted in Italian.

Students with advanced Italian language proficiency can begin their study abroad internship course in Italy immediately at the start of their program. Students with elementary or intermediate level language proficiency will study Italian before beginning their internship program.

Students work one-on-one with a mentor within the Italian company alongside the Babilonia Advisor to ensure a smooth transition, facilitate communication, and assist in the achievement of the student’s professional goals.

Academic internships in Italy are available in diverse companies and organizations. Italy’s unique location has made it one of the most globalized nations and Italy ranks 5th in the world as a tourist destination. Internship opportunities include companies that conduct business on a local, regional, cross border, and global level.

Academic international internships are available Spring, Summer and Fall Semesters.

Students enrolled in a 15 week semester program can earn 15 credits (one language course, two content courses which a student can choose to take in either Italian or English and a 150 hour six credit internship).

Students enrolled in a 12 week semester program can earn 12 credits (one language course, one content course which a student can choose to take in either Italian or English and a 150 hour six credit internship).

Students with a variety of majors can be placed in academic internships with a focus on…

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Event Management
  • Retail and Merchandising
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Communication and Media
  • Culture, Art and Museum
  • Sustainable Foods and Agriculture
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Marine Biology
  • Environmental studies
  • Social Work (migrant support)

Short term internship opportunities

Students can enroll in an internship program for a short term (4 to 8 weeks). Short term internships are customized to meet the needs of the organization/business as well as the student’s. Previous Italian language study is required for short term internships.

Internship in Italy students must:

  • currently be enrolled or recently graduated from a U.S. university
  • have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • be self-motivated and comfortable in an international environment
  • be flexible and willing to adjust to the working environment in Italy
  • have an interest in Italian culture


  • Complete online application
  • Submit Resume and Introductory Letter
  • Submit Letter of Recommendation
  • Online interview
  • Match of internship
  • Schedule start date

Internship Semester in Sicily Dates:

Spring Semester 2025

  • Feb 2 to April 27 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • Feb 2 to May 18 (15 week/15 credit program)

Summer Semester 2025

  • May 25 to Aug 17 (12 week/ 12 credit program)
  • May 11 to Aug 24 (15 week/15 credit program)

Fall Semester 2025

  • Aug 24 to Nov 16 (12 week/ 12 credit program)
  • Aug 10 to Nov 23 (15 week/15 credit program)

Spring Semester 2026

  • Feb 1 to April 26 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • Feb 1 to May 17  (15 week/15 credit program)

Summer Semester 2026

  • May 17 to Aug 9 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • May 17 to Aug 30 (15 week/15 credit program)

Fall Semester 2026

  • Aug 30 to Nov 22 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • Aug 9 to Nov 22 (15 week/15 credit program) 

At the completion of the internship program students receive a Certificate of Completion from the company along with a recommendation. Students earning credits from their universities additionally receive a transcript and grade.


Scholarship opportunities are available at BABILONIA – Center for Italian Studies. Please, check our webpage

Dress Code

Although in Italy workers tend to dress more formally than in the U.S., while interning in Italy business casual is often acceptable especially during the summer months. A dress shirt with long pants or a dress are appropriate for most companies. Ties and jackets or suits are generally not needed.


Students are advised to bring a laptop or other electronic device to assist them with their internship course.