Study Abroad in Italy – Taormina, Sicily Semester programs

Taormina is an ideal location to study abroad for a semester or yearlong program for studens interested in total immersion into the Italian culture and language.

A quaint medieval city, Taormina’s charm captivates students as they find themselves welcomed into the everyday life of this vibrant community.

Host families extend learning during relaxed dinner time conversations over traditional Sicilian meals.

In Taormina, students enrolled in semester study abroad programs are surrounded by architecture.

Simply meandering through Taormina’s winding, hilly streets, students uncover a classroom of history, gazing at buildings boasting Greek, Roman, Arabic, Byzantine, French and Spanish roots. Semester study abroad students attend classes in a historical 19th century villa where Classes are limited to a maximum of twelve students.

The exceptionally low teacher-to-student ratio provides each student with individual attention, accelerating Italian language acquisition and promoting lively discussion in Italian studies courses. International students from numerous countries enroll in Babilonia’s courses, fostering a classroom dynamic conducive to engaging and challenging discussions.

Social activities abound in Taormina – night clubs, beaches, hiking, concerts, and art exhibits are all available. Public transportation to take advantage of weekend travel is accessible from Taormina’s bus terminal or train station.

The Fontanarossa Airport in Catania has daily flights to the major mainland cities in Italy along with flights to the major cities throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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Spring Semester 2024

  • Feb 4 to April 28 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • Feb 4 to May 19 (15 week/15 credit program)

Summer Semester 2024

  • May 26 to Aug 17 (12 week/ 12 credit program)
  • May 12 to Aug 24 (15 week/15 credit program)

Fall Semester 2024

  • Aug 18 to Nov 9 (12 week/ 12 credit program)
  • Aug 4 to Nov 18 (15 week/15 credit program)

Spring Semester 2025

  • Feb 2 to April 27 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • Feb 2 to May 18  (15 week/15 credit program)

Summer Semester 2025

  • May 18 to Aug 10 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • May 18 to Aug 31 (15 week/15 credit program)

Fall Semester 2025

  • Aug 31 to Nov 23 (12 week/12 credit program)
  • Aug 10 to Nov 23 (15 week/15 credit program)


  • Cost of Study Abroad Semester in Italy Program for 12 week program: 11,500 €uro (12 credits)
  • Cost of Study Abroad Semester in Italy Program for 15 week program: 14,560 €uro (15 credits)

Note: Airfare not included.


Enroll with a friend and share a room and each receives a 1000 €uro Discount

More info

Students may adjust start and end dates of semester programs to accommodate academic and athletic schedules at their home universities.

Requests should be made when filing application.

Application deadlines

  • Spring Semester: November 1
  • Summer Semester: March 1
  • Fall Semester: July 1

Late applications accepted on a space available basis.

Study Abroad Semester Programs at the BABILONIA – Center for Italian Language and Culture include:

  • Roundtrip transportation from and to Catania’s Fontanarossa Airport
  • Host family single room accommodations with breakfast and dinner
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Orientation in Taormina
  • First day package (2 ring binder, notepad, pen)
  • Student discount card for local businesses
  • Two full day excursions (student can select any two in Babilonia program)
  • Optional additional full day excursions (extra fee)
  • Guided tour of Taormina
  • Textbooks
  • Free extra curricular activities (movies, seminars, social activities in Italian)
  • Free internet available on 4 PC’s (Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:00 at school)
  • Free wireless connection (Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5:00 at school)
  • Minimum 2 language courses required

Courses Available: