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Are you wondering why going for a study abroad program in Italy?
Here what some of our students who enrolled to our study abroad programs answered at the end of their programs:
What did make you decide to join a Study Abroad Program?

    • I wanted to learn a different culture and get a better outlook on what the world has to offer
    • I wanted to gain a better awareness globally and culturally. I wanted the experience to be fully immersed in a culture different to what I’ve ever known.
    • I wanted to visit another country and improve my language skills
Why a Study Abroad Program in Italy? And why particularly in Sicily?

      • I love the Italian culture and Sicily has a great history and is reach in culture, cuisine and its people are very welcoming.
      • I got into my class requirements and it has a deep rich history and culture.
      • Italy has always been on my list of countries to travel to. The history, food, people, and culture are what attracted me most to Italy. More importantly I liked that the study abroad program had a one-week excursion to Sicily because it seemed like a great time to see how culture varies between region in Italy.
Why do you think it is worthy to have an International experience like a Study Abroad Program in Italy?

        • So many reasons why it is worthy! I think one reason is to realize that the bubble you grow up in is not the only part of the world that should matter to you. When I went to Italy I fell in love with seeing how people different to me interacted on a daily basis. I think overall, you gain a greater acceptance of culture and people when you study abroad.
        • Every person needs to experience the interaction with people from other cultures in order to learn and open their minds. By incorporating themselves directly into the stream, we as students, have the opportunity to learn directly from authentic people and not just from books.
        • I can now relate these experiences in everyday life and with jobs.
What would be your expectations in a Study Abroad Program?

          • Opportunities to explore the place, become familiar with the culture, in addition to planned trips to significant/noteworthy sites.
          • To learn my objectives, in this case, the Italian language. To feel that I am very welcomed and people care about my needs which for me at Babilonia was not the exception! the personal was beyond outstanding.
          • Excursions, fun learning environment, days off to explore in my own time.
What did you learn from your experience in Sicily, Italy?

            • It was, indeed, one of the best experiences of my life. There would be an endless list about the things I learned but if I had to put this into three main points I would say language/culture, the point of view from people from different culture and the Mediterranean culture in general. My Italian improved and I made a lot of great friends.
            • I learned a lot about fashion and got to know what I wanted out of college in a career.
            • I learned to enjoy being an outsider and taking in all that the locals had to say and show me. I also learned the importance of building and making new relationships with others; I remember my house dinner very vividly – with Pino and Pina in Taormina and they were such hospitable hosts that they really made us all feel welcome and were so patient with our Italian skills.
How do you think the Study Abroad experience has broadened your knowledge and your soul?

              • Interacting with people has surely open my mind and allowed me to learn lots of things from a different perspective. I had the opportunity to talk to people from many different nations and I concluded that despite the differences of race, beliefs and culture, we are, after all, human beings who need one another.
              • Connected me with friends from all over the world. I have a more open mind and I’m not as inclined to judge someone for what they do.
              • I think this experience has broaden my soul because I feel like a piece of me is left in Italy. There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about returning to Italy – more specifically Taormina. This whole program in general made me want to have the chance to go back one day and continue to learn Italian.
Why would you recommend a student to join a Study Abroad Program?

                • To get out of our own world and enrich our knowledge, open our mind and get to know wonderful places, people, culture and food.
                • It opened my eyes and gave me a once and a lifetime experience to go explore while I was young.
                • I recommend students to join a Study Abroad program because you find a deeper part of yourself when you push yourself out of your comfort zone and fully immerse yourself into a completely new life.
Are you ready to get out of your confort-zone and go exploring the world?!
We look forward to welcoming you for a great study abroad experience with us in Taormina, Sicily!
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