Studying Italian in Italy.

Students on our Italian language courses in Taormina, Sicily come for full immersion Italian language programs from all over the world! Study vacation and language learning is an enriching life experience, studying abroad to learn in Italy is also a lot of fun!

Students on our Italian language courses range from 18 to 80 years old and represent many different cultures and backgrounds. We welcome this diversity and encourage cross-cultural exchanges and learning whenever possible. We believe this makes for a more interesting and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Many of our students on our Italian language programs come from the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern European countries and even South America.

As well as hosting university students, we also have a large number of adult professionals who choose to participate in our programs, frequently combining vacations and language learning. Our Italian language school also has many adult students simply enjoying a well-earned extended stay to immerse themselves completely in the Italian language and culture.

Our students come as individuals, couples, and occasionally in groups. On request, we also offer special group courses for families or groups of children who want to learn Italian in Italy. The only requirement is the desire to learn Italian and experience Italian culture. Our teachers vary material, activities and tasks according to each group level ensuring they are the most appropriate to their learning needs.

Each student is asked to complete a questionnaire on the last day of class. This feedback questionnaire asks students to make detailed comments on the complete program: classes, methodology, teaching materials, teachers, school office,social activity program, and accommodation. We also ask students to make recommendations and to share any other ideas or comments to improve the experience for future visits. We, at Babilonia, value student feedback.

What students say about us