IALC schools offer full immersion courses in the country where the language you are studying is spoken, ensuring high quality language courses that are suitable for all ages, levels and needs.

The Babilonia School in Taormina offers full-immersion Italian courses. Students can also take part in both Group italian courses and one-to-one or two-to-one private Italian lessons. The Babilonia School welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds and with different levels of competence and linguistic needs.

What standards must be respected by Babilonia?

The IALC requires very important quality criteria which make Babilonia a center of excellence for learning Italian in Italy.

The IALC quality system requires a four-year inspection of the member schools and an annual evaluation that takes place online.

The Italian Babilonia School in Taormina adheres to the IALC quality system and meets the following requirements:

  1. has been legally established and conforms to Italian law;
  2. is independent of large corporate groups;
  3. has Italian language teaching as the main activity of the school;
  4. offers language courses based on the needs of its customers;
  5. has been active for over three years (in our case, since 1992);
  6. is operational year-round with five or more classrooms (currently nine);
  7. complies with the IALC Code of Ethics and the Housing Code;
  8. meets the standards of the IALC Quality System.

The IALC Code of Ethics

BABILONIA – Italian language school in Italy adheres to the IALC Code of Ethics, which guarantees that:

  1. BABILONIA has been established legally and is authorized to operate according to the laws and regulations in force in the country in which it is located;
  2. BABILONIA maintains high standards of both structure and teaching. In particular, it employs only qualified and experienced teachers who are committed to increasing the language skills of their students in a responsible and efficient manner;
  3. The learning environment of BABILONIA is of high quality, and students can make optimal progress towards their individual learning goals according to their needs;
  4. prospectuses and promotional documentation always provide correct and accurate representation of the school and clearly indicate its terms of registration, payment of the tuition fee,and cancellation policy and fees;
  5. BABILONIA is dedicated to providing carefully selected accommodation within a family, in residences, or in hotels, as required, for students who request these facilities;
  6. assistance to students by qualified and trained personnel is always guaranteed;
  7. a program of socio-cultural activities is offered, allowing students to study topics related to Italian culture;
  8. courses are provided within a clear and outlined curricular framework;
  9. the courses are taught in a welcoming atmosphere and the students are placed in the course most suited to their needs;
  10. All students are assessed upon arrival with an entry test to ensure they are assigned to the appropriate class level;
  11. BABILONIA guarantees the integrity of any examination or certificate issued;
  12. an efficient management and administration system meets the students’ needs;
  13. written procedures for resolving student complaints are always distributed;
  14. there is a clear procedure for receiving student feedback and possibly taking action to resolve any problems;
  15. BABILONIA is strictly in compliance with Italian laws and regulations;
  16. as an IALC member, the Italian school in Italy Babilonia follows the Constitution and the IALC Statute.